Monday, April 30, 2012

Poetry In Your Pocket Day

Jin wrote 2 poems for the boys last week.  They're such a riot I just have share them with you.

But first let me explain how this came about.

It was Poetry In Your Pocket Day at school.  Every child was encouraged to write down at least one poem (by any poet including themselves), place it in their pocket, then share their poem(s) with others at school that day.

However, we didn't remember until about 30 minutes before school.  I was frantically cooking breakfast and packing lunch while urging the boys to jot down a poem, any poem, to carry to school in their pockets that day.

I suggested copying a favorite poem.  Or making up a little something.  How about a limerick?  What about one of those Roses are red, Violets are blue type thingy's?

The kids were making up silly rhymes all involving either poop or dying.  Jin just happened to still be at home (usually he's long gone to work by breakfast time).  He went right along with their utterly school-inappropriate rhymes, each one wilder than the last.  I have to admit, if it didn't have to be read aloud at school, I probably would have chimed in with them....

But the clock was ticking and dammit, it was Poetry In Your Pocket Day in now less than 20 minutes.  So I glared at all three of them, said absolutely no poems involving vomit, poop, death or anything else that might earn them a trip to the principal's office.  Then I told Jin he couldn't leave for work until he helped them each jot down something to take to school (admittedly, I get a little punchy during the weekday morning rush).

Jin then disappeared to work on his "assignment."  He reappeared just as we finished packing up their backpacks for the day with a poem he'd created for each boy.  Here they are:

Jin's poem for Si (borrowing liberally from Dr. Seuss)

I am Si
Si am I
I do not like green tea and chai
I do not like them Si am I
I do not like them in a glass
I do not like them in this class
I do not like them with some cheese
I do lot like them with some fleas
I do not like them with that bread
I do not like them on my head....
I really like bacon

Jin's poem for E (lightly edited by Val)

There was a young boy who claimed to hate meat
He thought it so gross, he swore never to cheat
A vegetarian he'd be
Completely meat-free
Except for
Burgers and hot dogs
Steak and beef jerky
Sausage and bacon
Chicken and turkey
Pork chops and ribs
Brisket and ham
Duck and chopped liver
And maybe some spam
But other than that, he'd never eat meat
Just some lettuce and fruit 
Would make each meal complete

And there you have it.  From Jin to his boys. 


  1. I love the poems! And quite impressed with his poetry skills. I don't think I'd ever get Grand to write a poem for Olivia in a million years. What a good Dad! :)

    1. Just you wait 'til Olivia asks him for a poem (or anything else). I bet he'll twist himself inside out for her!

  2. Jin is quite the poet!
    Did he know it?
    So cute and fun and neat!
    And now I feel like eating meat!

    1. LOVE it that Jin's efforts have inspired you to rhyme back at us.

  3. Oh, those poems are HILARIOUS!!! Robert Frost has got nothin' on Jin!

    I also love your description of the chaotic morning, too funny!