Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Felt Hearts for Valentines

After watching my kids sew Valentine crafts at The Sewing Studio's open house this past weekend, I had a real itch to make some felt crafts too.

Bought some 9x12 square inch sheets of acrylic felt in assorted Valentine-y colors.  After my family went to bed last night, I pulled out out my sewing supplies, poured myself a glass of wine and had a grand ol' time cutting hearts and sewing up simple little projects.

I started by cutting hearts.  Lots of them.  I used cookie cutters as templates for the larger hearts but cut the small ones out free hand.

The first thing I made was a vertical garland to hang on our front door.

I used 13 medium sized hearts, 13 small hearts and about 6 feet of ribbon.  Pinned the hearts to the ribbon equidistant from each other and sewed down the length of the ribbon.  Ideally, I would have preferred using a slightly thicker ribbon.  But I had only this super thin satin-y red ribbon or a quarter inch orange ribbon left over from Halloween crafting on hand.  I went with the skinny red ribbon.  This left me almost no margin as I sewed.  The stitches did fall of the ribbon in some place.  The ribbon twisted in others.  I had to hand stitch loose ribbon onto backs of some of the hearts.  Despite these little glitches, I'm still pleased with the finished garland.

Next, I sewed the same pouches my boys learned how to make at the sewing party.  A long rectangle folded in half to form the pouch, one big heart for the flap, some rick rack braid for the wrist loop and Velcro to secure the flaps down.  These are adorable.  Not sure where the original pattern came from but I'll add a link in once I track that down.

Now I just need to buy a few boxes of those heart candies with all those "Be Mine" sayings on them.  This will be the perfect gift for all our little neighbor girls.

Finally, I made a bunch of these open pouches.  Thought this more basic envelope would suit the boys better (even though they were good sports about making the "purse" version).  I completely forgot about Chinese New Years and failed to gift my boys with their annual red envelope.  Guess the red Valentine pouch will do double duty; it will hold a little Valentine chocolate for them as well as their belated Chinese New Year's lucky money.

Cute stuff, huh?  Super simple and a lot of fun to make too.  Felt crafts - gotta love it!


  1. Love it!!! So creative and adorable!

  2. This is Ha-Bo-Ji. We are watching you. Thank you for the blog.

  3. good job! from Ha-Moh-Ni