Saturday, November 30, 2013

Atlantis 2013

Time to wrap up our family's annual Thanksgiving trip & head home to NYC.

This year, I think we enjoyed less than 10 hours of sunshine during our entire week stay.  Still we were grateful for any bit of warm weather we could get.

When the clouds rolled in and the winds picked up, we threw on sweatshirts and kept running about outside as long as we could. 

But alas, we were rained out of most of the week.  We also discovered how much it hurts when the ocean winds pelt you with sand.  Time to retreat inside.

Remember that rainy day fun-list I made up the other day?  We did it all.

I also made the boy-os take cheesy pictures with me.  Though it's getting harder and harder to make them cooperate when it comes to picture time!


Got to watch game 2 of the "Battle 4 Atlantis" college basketball tournament.   We couldn't believe how many folks showed up from Kansas to support their team!  The bleachers were packed with screaming KU fans... wonder what it's like at their home games?

Discovered a daily free slot machine tournament and the chance to win $100 gaming credit.  Cool.  I love free.  I even made my honey play to increase my chances of winning (his wins = my wins).

Indulged in our favorite buffet not just once, but twice.  Geez, I'm stuffed.  But it was yummy.

And that pretty much sums up our Thanksgiving week.  Not the fun we were expecting (sun, sand & lots of swimming), but entertaining nonetheless.

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  1. Your boys are getting SO BIG!!!
    Miss you so much!
    We have to catch up soon!
    x x x